Risk-taking is an essential part of being in business for yourself. For most of us, the choice to become an entrepreneur implies a healthy amount of risk. Will Rogers (look him up, kids!) is credited with saying “Go out on a limb — that’s where the fruit is” and I wholeheartedly co-sign that saying. Before tackling any new goal, I think it’s worthwhile to think through your own comfort with risk and maybe nudge yourself gently past it.

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For someone who makes money as a writer, I really don’t enjoy writing. Let me walk that back a little. I don’t enjoy the process of writing for about 92% of it. I don’t care how much experience you have (and I have a lot) there’s always a little period of creative loneliness when you’re trying to use words to create something new. There’s a wishing and hoping that it all weaves together and makes sense or inspires people or elicits a feeling — whatever the purpose is. Creating a piece of writing requires constant battles with my inner critic, who I’ve named Kelly for absolutely no good reason.