Today we’d like to introduce you to Danielle Hanson.

I’m a poet and editor. I have a couple of books: Ambushing Water from Brick Road Poetry Press, Finalist for Georgia Author of the Year Award, and Fraying Edge of Sky, Winner of the Codhill Poetry Prize. I edit for Doubleback Books. I occasionally translate Swedish films and poetry.

I studied writing and poetry in college and grad school and then spent 15 years financial modeling for AT&T, ending my career as a pricing executive. Those corporate years have been very useful in how I view my writing. For one, I value the time and space I have to write. For another, I have the business skills and perspective to help me be more effective in getting my art to the reader/viewer. I would be a very different poet and less good at having whatever impact I have with my art if I had immediately gotten published in my 20’s. And also, creative jobs are challenging. There are often a lot of failed attempts on the path to finding your audience and your voice. Since I had a successful career, when I’m facing a lot of rejection, I remind myself that I’ve done other things well. It gets me over the hump and allows me to try (and maybe fail) again.

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