Alright – so today we’ve got the honor of introducing you to Lucy Fry. We think you’ll enjoy our conversation, we’ve shared it below.

Hi Lucy, thanks for joining us today. Alright, let’s jump into one of the most exciting parts of starting a new venture – how did you get your first client who was not a friend or family?

Jason and I were both just getting our careers in architecture off the ground after graduating from UF. We were newlyweds, living in a basement apartment in an old house in Midtown Atlanta. We both had full time jobs at our respective firms as entry level designers. I was working insane hours at ASD, collaborating mostly on interior architecture projects for law firms and financial call centers. It was fast paced and crazy and so much fun. A big part of my job was specifying finishes and furniture so I got a lot of attention from sales reps – so many fancy lunches and dinners. We even spent a weekend in Maine with a rep. It was awesome. Jason was working with a specialized team within Cooper Cary designing master plans for cities around the US. He was also working insane hours. Going in on weekends and working late during the week. He started putting together these super cool Flash presentations for his team. For 2000, they were cutting edge. He integrated music and video with drawings and renderings and completely blew the competition’s PowerPoint presentations out of the water.